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The Umami Experience: Food Tasting, Drinks, & Taste Science

  • The Periodic Table 5959 Shellmound Street Emeryville, CA, 94608 United States (map)

Join us at The Periodic Table on Saturday 01.26.2019 for an all-umami experience.

This is a delicious and educational experience, designed to teach guests how to identify and enjoy umami in a range of basic ingredients.  We'll begin by tasting the umami compounds in isolation, then we'll experience the effects of acid and salt on the umami sensation. We'll continue making our way through a series of small plates by Chef Danny Keiser, each emphasizing different high-umami ingredients. Each course will be accompanied by a curated sake pairing. 

To begin the event, the owner and former organic chemist, Jake Freed of Shiba Ramen, will give a short talk about umami, explaining what it is, how it works, and how to think about it as a taste distinct from sweet, salty, sour, or bitter. Jake's talk will go over the basics of taste science, showing how different chemicals in our foods manifest themselves in our sensory experiences. We will close off the bar to the public for the duration of our event, and seating is limited to 15. 

All participants will have the opportunity to buy bottles of sake at 25% off the day of the event.

Tentative Menu:

1. Let's isolate umami

Kombu with chicken broth

2. Add salt & acid

Grilled vegetable with salt and lemon

3. Umami sauces

Fried yuba skin with garum and soy sauce

4. Umami-rich courses


Dungeness crab stew with farro, turnips, and mushrooms

5. Sweet bite